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Living outside the cable zone doesn't mean slow internet anymore.

Business Internet

You want fast, reliable Internet to keep your business running, plus a great online experience. With Comcast Business, you’ll find speeds and service to help you do all that. Then go above and beyond.

Home Internet

We work with the objective to deliver best and relentless infotainment services to the customers


Viasat (formerly Exede) and HughesNet are now the only satellite internet providers available to the US. Both provide nationwide service, so you can choose between the two wherever you live.

About Us

Networkproz is a communication company that helps its customers to stay connected to everyone and from anywhere. We have a team who believes in innovation and provide a network to power high-quality, secure, affordable, and fast connections to the people. Our main motive is to give the Internet without any halt. We are a fast-growing company and bring our services to all. Our goal is to provide complete satisfaction to the customer.

A high-speed connection is indispensable to enable a business to work productively, and the requirement for fast associations will keep on developing. These gadgets straightforwardly influence workers degree of efficiency and care they can give to a client, and therefore starts the requirement for a high-speed data connection. “We think big and act accordingly.” We offer services like home internet and business internet to our client. For the home and business internet, you need to follow three simple steps:

1. Choose a plan

We have numerous plans for the home and businesses. Select the range which suits the budget. Get faster download and browsing speed.

2. Plan your installation

We focus on everything. A technician will be sent to your area and will suggest the location to fix the internet service. The technician will also install the modem and router for the best speed.

3. Enjoy the high-speed Internet of Networkproz

With our services, you can easily access web pages, email, downloading, watch online videos, and do other internet activities. Get Networkproz services today at your home and business

Home internet Service Provider

As a property holder, you realize that discovering balance in your costs can be dubious, yet a few expenses are hard to curtail. Your home internet, for instance, might be excessively essential to evade, and, given how colossally significant being associated with the web is for day by day life, it might merit contacting your home web access supplier to explore alternatives for accelerating your association.

Various sorts of web association are accessible in the commercial center. What is valid for them all is that you need a solid line that interfaces your office to the phone supplier. This line regularly ends at the closest phone trade, much the same as your phone line. The particular primary case to this standard is on the off chance that you have a satellite association.

  • We offer high-speed Internet available in your community.
  • Home internet has super-fast internet speeds.
  • Can choose the contract plan option as per your requirement.
  • Download the documents at high speed

Visit our website to select internet plans for the home and business and enjoy the high-speed Internet.

Business internet Service Provider

You can comprehend the significance of the web in business by the innovations of Digital Marketing, Internet banking, and eCommerce plans of action. The Internet is giving incredible advantages to business correspondence. The Internet is the most straightforward route for a business to associate with client and customers. The business association is utilizing the rapid web to accelerate creation. Internet is a medium to connect you from the client if you have a robust internet speed, then your communication will be weak.

Over 290 million Americans were utilizing the web in 2016. We live in advanced age when data is readily available. Organizations worldwide are exploiting this pattern. Computerized advances, for example, web-based social networking, VoIP correspondence, human-made consciousness, and online business enable organizations to contact a worldwide group of spectators and improve the client experience.

  • We provide the service faster than typical DSL.
  • The high-speed internet home gives fast installs.
  • We offered our services nationwide.
  • Customer will get a backup connection.

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